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November 21, 2023

Bioinformatician to work at the Wihuri Research Institute in Helsinki

The Wihuri Research Institute, located in Biomedicum Helsinki (BMH) at the Meilahti Academic Medical Center in Finland, is seeking a highly motivated bioinformatician to join our dynamic and international team, focused on exploring the fundamental mechanisms that govern the vascular system.

Wihuri Research Institute (WRI) is a non-profit biomedical organization dedicated to top-quality fundamental and translational biomedical research and learning, with a focus on the cardiovascular system. The purpose of the WRI, founded in 1944 by the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, is to create conditions for talented researchers to develop their achievements as far as possible, so that they, free from other tasks, can devote themselves to research in the pursuit of new knowledge that benefits humanity.

Our research groups employ state-of-the-art technologies in e.g., mouse genetics, imaging, and -omics approaches to investigate the role and regulation of vascular networks in developmental and regenerative processes, cardiovascular disease, and vascular inflammation, as well as their impact on the organs they serve. The bioinformatician will be hosted by the group of Taija Mäkinen, but will also collaborate with other research groups at the institute.

Role and responsibilities. The selected candidate will collaborate closely with a team of wet-lab scientists, including molecular biologists, biochemists, medical doctors and laboratory technicians, to analyse various data. The emphasis is on single-cell transcriptomics, which is used by several research groups in BMH. The selected candidate will also be responsible for implementing new analytical methods and developing improved algorithms and pipelines for data analysis and integration, setting up databases, and providing guidance and supervision to students and postdocs.

Qualifications. We are looking for an experienced bioinformatician with a strong foundation in biological data analysis. The ideal candidate should have significant experience in handling next-generation sequencing data, working with large datasets. He/She should possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, spoken and written proficiency in English, and the ability to quickly adapt to diverse tasks amongst the WRI research groups.

• Degree in bioinformatics, computational biology, molecular biology, or similar
• Good programming skills in R and Python
• Experience with UNIX/shell
• Experience with bioinformatics tools and software relevant to scRNA-Seq: Seurat, Shiny, Scanpy, Bioconductor packages and relevant libraries
• Experience with handling large datasets on computing clusters and version control systems like Git
• Background in biology/biomedicine and wet-lab experience are valuable merits for this job
• Excellent skills in written and spoken English

How to apply. Please apply by sending your motivation letter and CV as a single PDF file via e-mail to taija.makinen@helsinki.fi by December 15, 2023.

The position is fully funded by the Wihuri Research Institute and can be filled immediately. The appointment is initially for one year with a possibility for extension. For further information, please contact Taija Mäkinen via the above e-mail.